Lynette Rawlinson

Lynette Rawlinson

Managing your Residential Property

First National Real Estate Kandos Rylstone

My name is Lyn Rawlinson, Senior Property Manager at First National Kandos Rylstone.

This document will provide you with all the information you need regarding the property management services we provide.

We are very proud to be the districts leader in rentals, with a dedicated team looking after over 250 properties for our landlords.

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Why First National?

With a plethora of different real estate brands - why choose a First National agent? At First National nothing gets in the way of you and your needs. When you choose us to look after your property, you will always be treated as our top priority.

Our Commitment - We Put You First – says it all.
The First National Real Estate network exists specifically to deliver on this promise. By choosing First National, you will be selecting a professional who understands your priorities and is backed by industry leading marketing systems, technologies and quality standards.

Local Knowledge
All First National Real Estate offices are selected based upon their ethical standing and superior knowledge of their locality.

Guarantee of Superior Customer Service
Our commitment is to always provide the highest standards of customer service to our clients. All the time. Every time.

With around 500 offices across Australia and New Zealand, First National Real Estate combines local knowledge with national strength to be at the forefront of real estate.

About First National Kandos Rylstone

The firm of First National Kandos Rylstone started business as a 3 person operation in July 2012 under the same ownership as First National Mudgee. In April 2014 it became a stand-alone agency with Principal Geoff Bartlett expanding the staff. Our office provides a friendly and professional standard of real estate expertise to the Kandos, Rylstone, Ilford, and Capertee Valley region.

The business is a genuine family operation with brothers Paul and Geoff Bartlett at the helm, 2 full time property managers. Our small but experienced team is complimented by a flexible yet systematic marketing methodology.

We are clearly the most experienced real estate office in the district with over 50 years combined experience. We are committed to bringing the highest level of service along with the backing of 550 offices Australia wide to the district, combining local knowledge with national strength and a total commitment to real estate excellence. 

Why Choose First National Kandos Rylstone?

The office of First National Kandos Rylstone is open to the public 5 1/2 days a week.

When interested tenants call First National Kandos Rylstone after hours our committed property team are there to answer their enquiries 7 days a week.

Our Property Management team have a combined 23 years in their field.

At First National Kandos Rylstone we have a large window display in a central part of the main street of Rylstone which has high traffic during the weekend and holiday periods, as well as a display at the Kandos IGA supermarket and the Capertee Roadhouse to extend the profile of your property.

When dealing with First National Kandos Rylstone we commit to communicate with you with updates on your properties via email, written communication and personal contact.

The First National Kandos Rylstone marketing is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your property utilising the appropriate mix of on line, radio and print media for all properties.

Home grown First National staff with extensive local knowledge and a commitment to the local community. We are proud of our support of a range of local charities and organisations;

  • Kandos RSL Charity Bowling Day
  • The Rotary Club of Rylstone/Kandos
  • Rylstone Show
  • Rylstone StreetFeast
  • Ilford Public School
  • Kandos High School
  • Rylstone Public School
  • Wollemi Children’s Creative Arts
  • Strong commitment to local charity auctions & community events


Our Property Management Team

Given that the property as an investment is a physical asset, this asset needs to be managed and maintained in a competent and professional manner to maximise potential return.

With your asset in our expert hands, our property management team is trained so that responsibility for your asset never misses a beat no matter who is in the office. We pay attention to all the finer details of your property so that you can have comfort in the fact we will always have your best interests at heart.


             Lyn Rawlinson                                                       Jade Miskle 

        Senior Property Manager                                       Property Manager       

               0427 991 955                                                       0428 410 707


Our Service

From the first inspection through to the thorough application process, our property management team is with you every step of the way.

Through open communication and our systemised approach, we are able to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Local market knowledge is key to the service First National Kandos Rylstone offers. This means we are always up to date with current market trends.

Coupled with ensuring that all property maintenance issues and general property upkeep are attended to promptly, we can assist in increasing your rental return and maximising your capital growth when it comes time to sell.

Tenant Selection

An application for tenancy must be completed prior to any inspection by all prospective tenants, giving details in relation to past tenancies, employment, current living situation, credit and personal references.

Only then can they inspect a property at which point one of our property managers is in attendance at all times.

We are members of the TICA (Tenancy Information Centre Australia) database, which enables us to run a detailed computer check on each applicant

Should an application be received from a prospective tenant deemed suitable for your property we will contact you for final approval.

It is our aim to find a tenant that meets with your needs and our strict selection criteria.

Rental Arrears

Rental arrears are monitored on a daily basis.

When a tenant falls behind we;

  • Telephone them and/or visit the property and speak to the tenant or leave a reminder.
  • After a further 3 days reminder letters are sent out.
  • Should a tenant fall behind by more than 14 days, a termination notice is automatically served on the 15th day, the earliest day that by law we can issue such a notice. At this stage, you will be notified in writing and kept advised of the situation until the arrears are cleared.
  • We have trained experienced staff to present cases to the tenancy tribunal. This enables us to provide you with advice to defend tenant claims and present cases against the tenant with confidence and to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.

Property Inspections

We inspect the property and prepare a detailed report on the condition of the home at the commencement of our management services utilising both written reports and digital photographs gathered through propriety software on an ipad.

Detailed reports are also carried out at the end of the tenancy.

Both these reports are then compared to determine whether the tenant is responsible for any cleaning, repairs or general maintenance.

We also carry out periodic in sections during the tenancy and report to you in writing. These reports keep you fully informed of the state of your property, and aware of any future maintenance costs.



Payment of your account

We provide monthly statements detailing all transactions, along with copies of any invoices.

End of month is completed on or just before the last working day of the month and statements are either emailed or posted depending on your preference on the next business day.

Rent collected from the tenant is paid to you after deductions and expenses.

The payment is usually made on the first or second business day of the month by way of direct deposit into your bank account; these funds are cleared immediately for available use.

Taxation Records

We provide you with a categorised summary of all rental income and expenses paid during the financial year. This summary greatly assists you in keeping track of the property’s taxation records. The summary is sent to you at no charge and is emailed or mailed to you each year unless you request otherwise.


We urge you to adequately insure your property, its contents and your rental income stream. We recommend that the following insurance policies be undertaken;

  • Building insurance with public liability and contents cover for carpets, paint, light fittings and curtains.
  • Malicious damage (caused by the tenant)
  • Loss of rent due to fire damage etc

Please note we have a legal obligation to inform you that you have an insurable exposure as owner of a rental property. These include (but not limited to) the potential for the loss of rent, property damage and loss and legal liability claims (e.g. Public Liability). We strongly suggest that you take careful consideration when arranging your insurance coverage.

While arranging appropriate insurance is the responsibility of the landlord, the payment of the policy can be made through our office if requested.

We also suggest that if you are offering your property for lease as furnished, you should have all electrical appliances tested and tagged by a qualified electrician even if the appliances are new. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to lease my property?

Overall, First National Kandos Rylstone has low vacancy rates. These fluctuate depending on the market conditions and the time of the year, however we give your property the best possible chance with advertising commencing when the tenant gives notice to vacate.

Other factors which considerably affect the time it takes to lease your investment property include price and presentation. A property that look tired and/or is overpriced will be overlooked by potential tenants as they compare your property with others that are available at the time.

When you find tenants, how do you qualify them?

We aim to provide you with the highest standard of tenant. To do so we;

  • Check if the tenant has any record of previously defaulting.
  • Confirm the tenant’s current employment situation (and previous if required).
  • Verify the rental background of the tenant with previous landlords/agents.
  • Establish the tenant’s ability to maintain the rental payments.

In addition to our qualifications, we always try to accommodate the housing needs of our residents to ensure that the property which they rent meets their needs, in order to secure longer tenancies.

What should I look for in an agent to manage my investment property?

We understand that landlords have financial needs and obligations when it comes to managing your investment property. We believe that it is vitally important to choose the right Property Management team to manage your investment and maximise your returns.

The following questions are the ones we believe you should be asking an agent when deciding who should manage your property.

  • Are they a member of the REI?
  • How experienced is their agency and property management team?
  • Do they have clearly defined systemised procedures and customer service standards?
  • Are they approachable and contactable after hours in emergencies?

What happens with the water usage?

First of all it’s important to understand that tenants only pay for water usage where the water is metered and water efficiency devices installed. For example if a tenant is residing in a unit where the water is not separately metered, the tenant is not responsible for water usage payments.

Once we have received a copy of the water rates notice from Mid-Western Regional Council, the payment is then made to MWRC to protect your credit rating. This will appear on your statement as a debit. The rates are then loaded into our system and the tenants are sent a letter along with a copy of the water account. Once the tenants receive the account, they pay it directly to MWRC.

If I need access to the property, what do I do?

Should access be required by yourself, either for a routine inspection or to carry out maintenance, you need to contact our office. We will arrange access for you with the tenant. It is important to understand that in these circumstances tenants are required to receive seven (7) days prior written notice. As landlords, you are not permitted to just turn up at the property without permission being given by the tenant. Failure to give the required notice may jeopardise your rights as a landlord.

What is deemed an ‘urgent’ repair?

An urgent repair is when something breaks that may make the premises unfit to live in or cause a potential safety risk or interrupt access to water, gas or electricity supplies. Security issues including entry doors and locks or broken windows along with air conditioners are also regarded as urgent repairs. Should the premises need urgent repairs, tenants are required to let our property management team know immediately. We are then obliged to organise the repairs as soon as reasonably possible.

Should these urgent repairs not be completed within a reasonable time period, the tenant can arrange to have the problem fixed and spend up to $1,000 in doing so. This is a standard term in the Residential Tenancy Lease Agreement.

Once the tenant has vacated the property, how soon can I inspect it?

We understand that you may want to view the property as soon as the tenants hand their keys back to our office. This is why we complete the outgoing condition report at the property as soon as practical after the time the tenant has handed the keys back. It is important to understand that if you enter the property prior to our team having completed the final outgoing inspection, you could void the opportunity to recover costs for cleaning or repairs that would normally be claimed from the tenant’s bond as this is perceived as you having taken back possession of the property.

Additional Information

Water efficiency

To meet water efficiency requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010, all properties must have the following;

  • All internal cold water taps and single mixer taps for the kitchen, bathroom vanities, baths and shower heads must be a maximum flow of 9 litres of water per minute.
  • Any leaking taps throughout the premises, including garden taps, must be addressed.

Failure to have these measures in place will result in the tenant not being responsible for water usage payments and the charges incurred will be at the landlord’s expense.

Digital TV

All TV signals are now broadcast in digital only.

Landlord and property investors need to check out that their TV reception is digital ready to ensure tenants can receive the signal.

Otto Bins

Otto bins are the responsibility of the landlord to purchase and provide for the tenants use. Landlords are also responsible for providing a Paper and Plastics recycle Otto bin.

If any of the bins are stolen or damaged during waste collection, this is still the landlord’s responsibility to replace or repair.

Otto bins can be purchased from any hardware store, whilst the Recycle bins can only be ordered and paid for at Mid-Western Regional Council located at Market Street, Mudgee.

Marketing your Property

We commence marketing your property for lease as soon as the previous tenant provided our office with notice they are vacating. Our marketing is designed to reach the local market and get a result as quickly as possible. We do;

Property viewings – our team is available for showing your investment property to interested tenants 5 ½ days a week. A time is arranged that is convenient to both parties.

Rentals List – We prepare and circulate a comprehensive property brochure. All available vacancies are included. These are available 7 days a week at the front of our office as well as the IGA store in Kandos.

Contacts database – We will match your property to those that have given us a selection criteria.

Internet – We advertise all our rentals on the following websites;

Local radio – We advertise selected rental properties on local community radio KRR-FM.

Landlords Checklist

Administration documents to be returned to the office

  • Check and provide a copy of currency of Building and Contents Insurance including Public Liability of at least $10,000,000.
  • Provide a copy of the current Building Insurance Policy.
  • Provide a copy of current rates notice or copy of title to ascertain ownership.

General Information

  • Keys to be provided for locks on all doors and windows including sheds and garage remotes. 3 sets of keys to be provided in total by the owner. 1 set for the agent, 2 for the tenant.
  • If you have pets, has the property been sprayed for fleas and ticks?
  • Clean and balance the pool, provide a leaf scoop, poles, vacuum hose and head.
  • Mud map for reticulation and all sprinklers and taps.
  • Warranties for relevant electrical equipment, including air conditioners.
  • Lawns mowed and gardens pruned. Hose and sprinklers to be provided to the tenants.
  • Clean the property as much as possible, e.g. windows and window tracks, carpets, kitchen appliances etc. Remember how you lease the property is how the tenants will be responsible for leaving it when they vacate.
  • Brick pavers and concretes pressure cleaned to prevent slipping.
  • All power points and light switched checked. If any are cracked, replace with new ones.
  • All air conditioners, fans and heaters in working order.
  • All power lines clear of vegetation.
  • Ensure gutter and spouting are clear of all leaves and debris.
  • Ensure that bins have been emptied, and all rubbish removed from the property.
  • Leave special cleaning instructions for specific items if necessary i.e. pool cleaners and instructions.

So What Happens Now?

Should you wish to proceed with First National Kandos Rylstone being chosen to manage your investment property, our property management team will conduct an appraisal of your property to determine current market value.

An agency agreement will then be entered into between First National Kandos Rylstone and yourself. This is a legal requirement and enables our office to actively market your home to lease.

First National Kandos Rylstone will proceed to advertise your investment property as per our marketing schedule noted in this document.

Prospective tenants are shown through the property by one of our property management team.

Applications are completed by prospective tenants who have taken the opportunity to view your property. Once our office has processed the application by checking all information provided, you will be contacted to discuss the tenant’s details, the length of tenancy and commencement date, along with any other issues which needs to be addressed.

Our property management team will then contact the applicants to provide them with the outcome pending your discussion. The application will either then be approved or declined.

The approved applicants will then be asked to pay a reservation fee which is equal to one weeks rent.

A detailed ingoing commencement condition report is then conducted. This detailed report describes the condition at the commencement of the tenancy and is provided to the tenant at the time of signing the lease. Digital photos are also taken at the inspection.

Once a residential tenancy lease agreement is signed by the tenants, the agreement is then legally binding. The tenants are required to pay their bond (equal to four weeks rent) at the time of signing the lease.


Fee Scale

Residential Leasing

Our fee on the leasing of a residential property is;

Initial Letting                 1 weeks rent + GST

Subsequent Letting       1 weeks rent + GST

Lease Fee                      $16.50 (Incl GST)  when a new lease is issued.

Residential Management

Our fee on the leasing of a residential property is;

Management Fee            8.0% + GST

            Admin Fee                         $7.50 (Monthly)

  • No fees or costs are payable for arranging repairs/maintenance, refurbishment or improvements.
  • No fee charges for calculation and collection of water charges.
  • No fee charges for marketing or promotional expenses at each letting.

Contact Us

81 Louee St

Rylstone NSW 2849

Phone : (02) 6379 1955

Fax:        (02) 6379 1951




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